Why do we believe? What makes us different in different directions - painting, weaving, craftsmanship ... Why do we sometimes wonder: "What would it be if I could ... I would definitely do better!

Maybe that's a part of our soul that seeks to reach us and say that it can! We want! We know how! Trying to get out of our inspiration, trying to get out into the light ..?

Many people create for themselves or their loved ones, and even more people who want to start ... And want to learn and want to find their techniques and inspiration

After all, our creativity is really a way to discover, to relax, calm down and get out of the daily hustle and bustle. It is a form of self-knowledge and personal development. And yet this is a form of communication and pursuit of supporters and friends.

That's why we have created a kind of club where you can spend time and learn something new or vice versa - to share your skills and abilities. And for our children - is a way to not only learn to create, But also for the development of various skills and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and public events.

We hold open classes, master classes and specialized workshops, craft classes. Also relaxing excursions through art.

For those who like to travel, For lovers of creation, who want to discover the new face or try something new - Crealand awaits you!

We have groups for children, adults and families.

We can also create a class for you and your friends for a birthday or other special occasion, Where he will not only make an exclusive gift with his own hands that will always remind him of the day, but will learn a new technique that will open up more room for creativity and personal development.


1. Children 3 to 6 years 6 to 10 years

2. Children 11 to 15 years and 14 to 18 years

3. Adults

4. Family Groups

Recommended techniques for children:

We do not limit the reach of children to any team. The main objective of our work is to develop a model of the creative process, I fix it - I think how to do it - I do it - I get a result.

Our creative classes include modeling, appliqués, painting, Mosaic and simplified technical decoupage and paper mache.

Techniques for the rest of the groups:

From the age of 10 -11 children can learn all applied arts techniques and attend unaccompanied seminars, with the exception of family groups. Thus, We can distinguish the techniques of our master classes by degree of difficulty. And you and your children have the right to choose which Masterclass you want to participate in.

In order to see the schedules of our seminars, for the time being see the option of schedules Horarios.