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Thank you for your choice! My name is Irina. I am engaged in the manufacture of flowers from self-hardening clay (cold porcelain) of Thai and Japanese manufacturers, tinted with oil paints and art pastels from leading European manufacturers. Together we can make a bouquet of different flowers that are in my store, with or without decoration, which will be your own creation! All flower arrangements are unique and handmade with lots of love for you. A bouquet of these flowers will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones, relatives and friends! Flowers will delight you with their appearance for many years, subject to certain conditions: no contact with water. If dust has appeared on the flowers, you can easily remove it with a small brush or a hair dryer with cold air on minimum power, and your flowers will shine again with their beauty! Please note:

When people want to plant flowers but don’t have the right conditions to do so, or if they have an allergic reaction caused by direct contact with pollen, artificial flowers can be a great option.

Terms and Conditions

Dear buyer! Please note that in my store there are ready-made products and products, the production of which takes from 1-3 weeks.

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