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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for finding your way to my store. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Please let me know if you have any questions. A purchase is a partnership between a seller and a buyer. It’s good for both of us to have clear expectations. Therefore, I am doing my best to convey to you what you expect, and I invite you to do the same.

Before buying:

1. Created in a smoke-free home. 100% handmade. All my creations are made by hand. I really appreciate my clients and create beautiful and exquisite products that exist only in a single copy. I don’t make copies. The repetitions of my works are still unique and unrepeatable.

2. One of a kind. All the items in this store are handmade and decorated in detail using various techniques. You will find creations in a wide variety for any home and occasion.

3. If you see a product that you like, but you prefer an individual approach, contact me, I love new projects!

4. Be sure to before buying: check the size, read the description, sizes, colors, etc (other elements in the photo, other than those specified in the description, are intended only to create an image).

5. There may be some color differences caused by different monitor settings. With manual work, you cannot repeat the drawing one to one.


Customer and personalized orders

1. You can order a jewelry box/other and choose every detail. I can add personalized details like names or dates.

2. That’s a perfect idea for a gift for baby shower, wedding, Mothers day, St. Valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion.

3. Write to me, describe everything you want and we will discuss the price and when your order will be ready.

4. Personalized products are not subject to return or exchange. They are made to order for an individual buyer and cannot be used by anyone else.

5. Please make sure you spell any personalized words, names, etc. correctly. When placing an order. If this is my mistake, I will replace or refund your money in full. If you want, I will send a photo of the finished product so that the buyer can check it before shipping.

6. I am not responsible for the buyer’s misspelled address.

Care instructions

Please read carefully. All products made by hand need special care.

1. My products are not suitable for small children, they contain small parts, so keep them out of the reach of children. If you decide otherwise, it’s your responsibility.

2. Is it possible to use decoupage products in the kitchen? Yes. Everything is covered with a water-based protective varnish, it is non-toxic. But it is only resistant to minor mechanical damage. They should not be placed hot, directly from the heating element! A cup of hot tea or coffee in a saucer will feel good on a tray!

3. All the materials I use do not harm people or the environment. They are absolutely safe, but are not intended for direct contact with food. Tea bags in tea houses can only be stored in separate containers packed in candy.

4. It is enough to periodically dust off my works or wipe them with a damp cloth. If there is a need to remove the stain, do not use chemical detergents! Try to make do with a drop of soap and a cotton swab with a minimum amount of water! Immediately after that, blot it dry with a napkin. Do not leave it wet.

5. To preserve the beauty of the purchase for many years, follow the simple instructions:

– do not expose the product to direct sunlight, prolonged contact may change the color of acrylic paints

– avoid sudden temperature changes

– store in dry rooms, avoid high humidity

– don’t drop it

– do not scratch with sharp or hard objects

– do not attempt to remove any parts

– do not wash, do not immerse in water

– do not wash in the dishwasher


All copyrights and trademarks on the used character images belong to their respective owners and are not for sale. This is not a licensed product. You pay for my time and customization of your product(s), I do not claim ownership of any of the characters/graphics. All products are intended for personal use only and cannot be resold or distributed for any purpose.

Customs and import taxes

1. Buyers are responsible for any customs duties and import taxes that may apply. Please keep in mind that some countries charge customs fees and taxes for parcels arriving in your country. These fees are withheld by your government and are not included in your purchase from me.

2. EU buyer protection laws may require sellers to provide buyers with their name, legal address and VAT payer number (where applicable). I will need your phone number for registration.

3. I am not responsible for delays due to customs.

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