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De – double Ended dreads.

Se – single ended dreads. 

De – has two ends, it is a long dread folded in half.

Se – has one end, with a loop on top, through this loop the dread are attached to your hair.

Which is better to choose? This is an individual moment. If you are a beginner, I recommend De, they are easier to install and the hairstyle with De looks more voluminous. But once again, it’s at your discretion, who likes what more. I am always ready to help with the choice and write to me if you still have any questions! 


One installation is enough for 1-2 months! Depends on the growth rate of your hair! All our dreadlocks are reusable, they can be used several times. After the first installation, wash them, after which they can be installed again for 1-2 months. Your hair will not be damaged, these are safe dreadlocks!

How long does it take to place an order?

From the moment of receipt of payment for the order for the production of a complete set of dreadlocks, 7-10 days pass, if a partial order is up to 30 pieces, then 2-5 days and the next day I send your order :)

How to braid the de and se dreads?

DE and SE dreads to drag your own hair with weave “eight”. If you purchased dreadlocks in my store, I will send you braiding instructions. Dreadlocks are worn 1.5-2 months depending on the speed of hair growth, but in any case do not wear longer than the deadline, as your hair will already be tangled in natural dreadlocks and remove them will be difficult and painful. It is better to safely remove and then re-braid. Dreadlocks can be worn repeatedly many times.

How to wash dreadlocks?

They recommend to wash 1 time a week or 10 days. Or dilute the shampoo with water and this solution wash the roots of dreadlocks or foam sponge to pass over the roots of the head and rinse with water. Do not use balms, conditioners and hair masks! Drying dreads with a Hairdryer you can, but not recommended, either for far distance or it is better to wait when they dry out on their own.

After weaving!

Head after weaving may be sick for a day or two, tops. Dreadlocks in the first week will itch, it is better not to abuse combing. The head itches because when braiding the hair was strongly stretched and unusual, and since the head is used to washing every few days, it will take some time before the scalp is rebuilt to a more rare washing of the head. During this period, it is necessary to refrain from washing your hair, if it is absolutely unbearable to stand under a cool shower or take a bath with sea salt. Chamomile tea relieves itching well, you can also wipe the most sensitive places with chlorhexidine or Miramistin.


I send all orders to any country and city by Russian post. Immediately after sending I will send you the track number so you can track your order! If you want to receive the parcel as soon as possible, you can send Express mail, the cost of such a shipment will be in addition to the order of$25. And delivery time is up to 8 working days. Be sure to specify how you send in a private message!

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