7 Delicadas horquillas para el pelo de novia con flores de gypsophila de aliento de bebé de arcilla

@ Tatyana Belikova

Envío gratuito




Material: clay, studs.




Height with floral part 7 cm.


Style: boho


Event: wedding, graduation




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Set of 7 pins. Each flower is molded by hand from polymer clay. The color is white, the flowers are very insignificant. Decorate wedding or prom hairstyles.






Depending on the setting of your screen, the actual color shade may differ from what is shown in the store.








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Wedding studs
bridal hair set
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Snail useful photo holder Desktop decor reminder holder
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Snail realistic figurine Flower pot decor Gift friend
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Pink peony earrings
Pink clay peonies 2 Bright floral earrings Gift for her

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7 Delicate bridal hairpins clay baby breath gypsophila flowers
7 Delicadas horquillas para el pelo de novia con flores de gypsophila de aliento de bebé de arcilla


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