Fairy wings for wire wrap. Butterfly wings beads

@ Marina Ustinova

Fairy wings for handmade work

37.00 ~ $39.99


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It’s fairy wings for handmade masters. You can use these wings for wire wrap earrings, hair pins and other things. I can make similar lightweight transparent wings for your handmade jewelry. The production time is about 7-10 days without shipping time. The exact repeat is not possible. These accessories for jewelry makers are about 5-9 cm long for your choose. You get free shipping.

Let me help you if it need. Please, write to me to discuss your order.

Thank you for your attention to my shop!


出荷大陸: アフリカ, オセアニア, ヨーロッパ, 南極, 北アメリカ, アジア, 南アメリカ

で出荷可能です。 3-5営業日 から ロシア



I'll ship your parcel by Boxberry. You get free shipping excluding the tax of your country.



I accept returns if your parcel was demaged in delivery. However, let me see your unpucking video and photo of damage within 1 day after delivery.




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I  accept returns if the item damaged in transit only. Please provide evidence in the form of a photo or video of the unpacking of the item.


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