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RC Bush plane Just Aircraft SUPERSTOL KIT for laser cut

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Assembly Guide

Assembly Video

The author’s drawing of a Bush airplane with a folding wing, measuring 1.8 meters, must be cut using laser cutting and self-assembly.

Purchase includes

– file for laser cutting (cdr, dxf, plt),

– files for 3D printing of individual elements,

– video assembly guide,


Digital model, the buyer does not receive a physical product.

49.00 ~ 52.17 $

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RC Bush plane Just Aircraft SUPERSTOL KIT for laser cut

A few years ago, I became interested in the subject of short takeoff and landing aircraft and one day I saw Just Aircraft, to say that I was in love with this aircraft, nor

to say nothing, I wanted to get this model, but the search was unsuccessful, there are no ready-made models, and similar ones have been discontinued and it is now impossible to buy them.

After that, I had several BUSH aircraft with a span of 1.2 to 2 meters, and they all brought a lot of positive emotions, and my first visual flights began with them. Short take-off and landing from an unprepared runway, fast flights, slow flights, these planes give you a lot of freedom and allow you to take off where you want.

Time passed, but something was missing, and the Just Aircraft model was missing! And if something cannot be bought, we do it ourselves; it was decided to design our own plane! The model must meet several requirements: a folding wing for easy transportation and storage at home, a span of 1.8 meters, an energy-intensive suspension, a semi-replica appearance, and the availability of materials for manufacturing. It took 1 year to design, test various structural components and fly the model.


If you want to get such an airplane, then you have the opportunity to build it yourself. I have prepared a series of video instructions for building this aircraft, as well as materials that may be useful to you.

You have the opportunity to purchase an aircraft drawing for personal use in the form of a laser cutting file (dxf, dwg, plt). The drawing cannot be used for commercial purposes and should not be distributed in the public domain or between users. However, if you have an excellent laser machine, I will be happy to accept your commercial offer for licensed production of this aircraft.


Model Size:

– Wingspan 1800 mm

– Length 1120 mm

– Recommended weight – 2 kg


To assemble the aircraft you will need: a laser cutting working field of at least 820×250 mm, a 3D printer with a printing area of 210x210mm


– plywood 3.2 mm thick,

– depron 3 mm thick,

– plexiglass or equivalent 0.3 mm,

– fasteners m2,

– M3 fasteners,

– two springs for the wing folding mechanism,

– cyanoacrylate glue with activator,

– glue for foam plastic,

– thin steel cable or wire,

– Set of wheels 120-140mm

– Spring shock absorber 120mm


Required electronic components:

– Motor 3548/790 kV or equivalent,

– ESC: 60-80 A

– APC 14*7.5 propeller

– Battery: 4S, 2200 mAh

– Servo: Micro 9g with metal housing – 6 pcs.

– Radio receiver

– Radio transmitter


An example assembly video can be viewed on my channel

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RC Bush plane Just Aircraft SUPERSTOL KIT for laser cut

49.00 ~ 52.17 $

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