(SOLD) An Original Oil Painting Two Rottweilers

An original oil painting on cardboard 24×30 cm (9.5 x 11.8 inches ) two cute rottweilers and a tennis ball


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An Original Oil Painting Two Rottweilers Heartbutt

An original hand-painted portrait of two cute rottweilers and a tennis ball

Oil on canvas 24×30 cm (9.5 x 11.8 in)

This piece of art is completely free painted with oils from blank canvas to finish.

The artwork is signed  by the artist Ursula Wuffles as “U”  and “W” on the front and stamped by personal artist’s seal with the artist`s signature on the back.

Please note the actual colors may vary slightly from your computer monitor or tablet/phone screen.

The painting will be shipped unframed, wrapped carefully, with cardboard backing, in a flat envelope with tracking number (Registered Mail).

Thank you for choosing that.

I appreciate your interest and support of my art.



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(SOLD) An Original Oil Painting Two Rottweilers


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