Pale pink floral jewelry set, 1 bracelet and earrings

@ Nadejda Bartash

Bright summer bun earrings♥️♥️♥️3D bracelet with flowers made of baked polymer clay. It is made entirely by hand, each flower is put on a pin and assembled on a chain. Glass beads. The bracelet is assembled on a jewelry cable, very durable. In stock and on order. It is possible to manufacture in other colors. For your inspiration!


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Pale pink floral jewelry set, 1 bracelet and earrings. The perfect gift for the most charming girls. All our jewelry comes in a gift box, you do not need to pack it yourself, give it to your loved ones, we did it for you!

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Pale pink floral jewelry set, 1 bracelet and earrings
Pale pink floral jewelry set, 1 bracelet and earrings


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