Rolling pins with flowers


Dear friends, all the rolling pins are made according to the same pattern !but since I make them by hand, they are different from each other .But I’m trying to do just that. If desired, I can make a print on the rolling pin, which will go to you .
Size: total length of rolling pin, 30cm, working length 12.5 cm
Rolling pin for printed biscuit Beech. The rolling pin is covered with linseed oil. The depth of the pattern on the rolling pin is 3-5 mm, which allows it not to spread when baking even if the dough is not very good.
Working with rolling pin
Roll out a layer of dough with a regular rolling pin to a thickness of 4-5 mm. and then with light pressure roll the dough for the gingerbread rolling pin. Cut the dough with a knife between the resulting framework. Before use, lubricate the rolling pin with vegetable oil.
Wash the rolling pin as usual dishes. Dry the rolling pin necessarily !wood doesn’t like in a dry place in a cupboard or on a shelf .Attention!!The color of the rolling pin may differ


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Rolling pin cookies Thistle textured patterns
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