Sheet Metal Template American Bully (v2) Project (dxf, PDF)

This is a digital product (there is no physical product) intended for the independent production of sheet metal products. You should be able to cut out parts on a CNC metal cutting machine or manually with a convenient cutting tool using a stencil (for example, a grinder). Also, you should be able to bend the parts on a bending machine or manually, at the end welding the parts together according to the instructions and, if desired, cleaning and painting the finished product.


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All questions regarding the project can be asked in direct instagram (@ta6urkin) or by e-mail

The American Bully (v2) involves the manufacture of steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a bending radius of 1 mm. The weight of the American Bully (v2) is about 12,6 kg. There are 61 details in total. The design documentation includes 42 pages, 40 of which are bending drawings. The instruction includes 26 pages in the order of assembly. The bend line is drawn along the cutouts in the part, in accordance with the drawing. The archive includes: dxf (40 pcs.- files separately and for a sheet 2400×1200, 2500×1250, 3000×1500), Drawings (42 pages), Instructions (26 pages). Overall dimensions of the sculpture (LxWxH): 1066х391х630.
There is no engraving on the dxf, bending is performed along the line indicated by drop-shaped cutouts at the ends of the bending line.

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DXF are available both in the form of parts separately, and placed for a sheet of metal with a size of 2400×1200, 2500x1250mm, 3000×1500.
If you need to create a stencil for printing in PDF format or create a DXF file with all the parts located on the sheet metal format you need, please contact me.
These downloads is not for distribution (dxf, PDF), it is intended for you and your production.
Thank you and good luck with your work!

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Sheet Metal Template American Bully (v2) Project (dxf, PDF)
Sheet Metal Template American Bully (v2) Project (dxf, PDF)


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